• Generation

    The business of generating energy allows us to produce an essential good that favors economic development, provides social welfare to the inhabitants of the regions where we have presence and allows us to offer our good energy to illuminate the lives of millions of people in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. Currently, power generation is the main business of our company.

  • Transmission and Distribution

    Transmission: Consists in bringing the energy from the generation plants to the points where it will be consumed, in the rural and urban areas of the municipalities.

    Distribution: The distribution networks transport the lower voltage energy, to take it to homes or companies, which receive it conditioned for the consumption of devices such as home appliances and industrial machinery, among others.

  • Commercialization

    The commercialization of energy in the wholesale and retail market in Colombia, as well as natural gas, are important for our organization and cover everything from the negotiation phase to the delivery of the energy and natural gas service.

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